Making the Future Now

We know who we are. We know what we want. If you are looking for normal, I can tell you we don't make normal. But we do utilize a very particular set of skills, skills that our teacher has passed to us over a long career. Skills that make us knowledgeable, creative, and inquisitive students. If we fail, that will not be the end to it. We will continue to question, examine, redesign, and make again. We will continue to MAKE, and we will find success.

Centerburg High School Technology

What We're Up To

Creating rules to mod a game.

Making a model for 3D printing

Evalutating for reliability

Using a Leap Motion

Making the Future Now

Mr. Wetzel's Classes

Computer Technology

Research and Presentations

In Computer Technology, we focus on the foundational technology schools that students should utilize in all classes. We build research skills, digital citizenship, and presenting our work.

Web Design I


In Web Design I, we focus on the creating a basic understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which are used to create web pages. Students code their own web pages and learn how to upload them to the web.

Mobile Game Design

GameSalad and Problem Solving

Using cirriculum developed by Zulama, students in Mobile Game Design use GameSalad to create, edit, mod, and publish apps and games for mobile devices.

Engineering Design Principles

Failure is an option

In this class, students begin with a problem and utilize a cylical process in order to create a solution. As solution attempts are tested and evaluated on standards of success, failed trials are analyzed and redesigned.


Video Production and Screenwriting

In Cinematography, we discuss the charateristics that make a good movie. Students will write their own scripts and produce their own movies during the course.


Image Creation and Manipulation

In Photoshop, we analyze the process that graphic designers use when creating images for their employers or clients. We examine aspects of photography, illustration, and design principles.


Publishing Memories

We are tasked with the creation and publication of the Centerburg Trohigan, which is the annual yearbook for the high school and middle school.

College Readiness

Preparing for Life after High School

In this senior elective, we examine the steps that are necessary to selecting a college that is a good fit for the students' goals and aspirations. We also look at the responsibilities that arise as college freshman including finance management, self-promotion, and good study habits.

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